About Us

I (Austin Welk) founded Weird N Woke on August 28th 2019. I'm a resident of Lancaster Pennsylvania and graduated from local college Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology in Lancaster City. I graduated with an associates degree in Architecture in 2016, just to end up not being able to find a company willing to give me a chance due to lack of experience in the field even with my degree in said field. So after working a 9-5 job for a few years, meeting a few awesome people along the way I set out to build something unique, something special from the ground up. A business, a company, a lifestyle, a movement, a family, based on showing love, support and willing to give others chances that other companies would never do! 

Weird N Woke is all about being yourself, being one with the universe and being a free spirit. Expressing your free spiritedness and open mindedness through a sense of uniquely styled fashion. Weird N Woke is for all who feel like an outcast a black sheep in this world. Our slogan and tagline fit perfectly with our beliefs. Be One. Be You. Be Free.

Come join a family that is willing to make a difference in this world. Think outside the box and you shall find many opportunities!

Be Weird Be Woke 

Be One. Be You. Be Free.


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